Risk Evaluation of China’s Beer Industry 2014-2019

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Release Date: 11-26-2014        Territory Coverage: Mainland China         Period Coverage: 2014-2019

Number of Pages: 44                Number of Tables: 11                                Number of Figures: 15

Report ID: 6004R                      File Format: PDF                                        Category: Risk Evaluation Report

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This report focuses on systematic evaluation and analysis of Internal Risks (arising within the industry development itself) and External Risks (arising from the surrounding environments) in China’s beer production industry and consumption market. The major internal risks recognized in this industry include industry growth stage, industry competition pressure, market entry barriers, industry volatility, and technology challenge. The major external risks include factors like profit decline, regulation force, dependence on imports, and other risks (namely shortage of upstream supply, competition from substitutes, and purchase potential decrease). The research scope concentrates on mainland China’s beer market under the industry conditions and environments in 2014. Forecasts and predictions have been performed for the trend of industry risk over the next five years (2014-2019). All the identified risk factors are measured quantitatively according to GMD’s novel numeric system, i.e. each risk is evaluated with GMD Risk Index Number (GMD RIN) and GMD Risk Intensity Level (GMD RIL). These in-depth appraisals and analysis about risk considerations and controls provide a comprehensive understanding of the current risk factors and likelihood of risk development trends. Moreover, this report also concludes Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and novel strategies to help overcome the risks and obstacles in China's beer industry.


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Both the Internal Risk and External Risk are classified into several risk factors which account for different weight percentages contributing to the overall industry risk…. All the risk factors are identified and measured quantitatively according to a GMD novel numeric system. Each risk is evaluated with GMD Risk Index Number (GMD RIN) and GMD Risk Intensity Level (GMD RIL). GMD RIN is based on a scale of 0 (lowest extreme in theory) to 100 (highest extreme in theory) and GMD RIL is conclusive context to describe the extent of the risk (Very Low to Very High). An overall GMD RIN is calculated by combining each risk factor’s contribution. An overall GMD RIL is interpreted according to the overall GMD RIN.


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